Live at the Lobster Bib
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Bentmen — Live at the Lobster Bib
Release date : Aug. 16, 2003
Label : Sound Museum Records
  1. Ice Cream Clown
  2. Up The Light
  3. Wallet
  4. Swanee
  5. Rumors Abound
  6. Bloody Benders
  7. Bonafide Lies
  8. Bad Thing
  9. Magic Room (Tooky)
  10. Stress for Success


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The BENTMEN have long been an enigma in the Boston rock scene. This band/performance art troupe mix disturbing, Dadaist psychedelia with a ferociously rocking stage show resulting in blistering, confusing and often mesmerizing performances. Each show is a themed extravaganza with stage design and costuming that could only be described as disturbing and worrisome. BENTMEN shows are horribly messy affairs where people get shaved, tarred, feathered and dragged to the stage to partake in demented rituals. The BENTMEN have wowed crowds of tens of thousands at outdoor festivals, sold out most every club in town over the years and been asked not to come back to many of them.

– Joe Bonni, The Weekly Dig